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Urea, 24 Hour, Urine

Useful For Suggests clinical disorders or settings where the test may be helpful

Assessment of protein intake and/or nitrogen balance

Clinical Information Discusses physiology, pathophysiology, and general clinical aspects, as they relate to a laboratory test

Urea is a low molecular weight substance (Mol. Wt.=60) that is freely filtered by glomeruli and the majority is excreted into the urine, although variable amounts are reabsorbed along the nephron. It is the major end product of protein metabolism in humans and other mammals. Approximately 50% of urinary solute excretion and 90% to 95% of total nitrogen excretion is composed of urea under normal conditions. Factors which tend to increase urea excretion include increases in glomerular filtration rate, increased dietary protein intake, protein catabolic conditions, and water diuretic states. Factors which reduce urea excretion include low protein intake and conditions which result in low urine output (eg, dehydration).

Reference Values Describes reference intervals and additional information for interpretation of test results. May include intervals based on age and sex when appropriate. Intervals are Mayo-derived, unless otherwise designated. If an interpretive report is provided, the reference value field will state this.

10-35 g/24 hours

Interpretation Provides information to assist in interpretation of the test results

Because multiple factors (glomerular filtration rate, dietary protein intake, protein catabolic rate, hydration state, etc.) can independently affect the urinary excretion of urea, all of these factors must be taken into account when interpreting the results.

Cautions Discusses conditions that may cause diagnostic confusion, including improper specimen collection and handling, inappropriate test selection, and interfering substances

No significant cautionary statements

Clinical Reference Recommendations for in-depth reading of a clinical nature

Bankir L, Trinh-Trang-Tan MM: Urea and the kidney. In The Kidney. Sixth edition. Edited by BM Brenner. Philadelphia, WB Saunders Company, 2000

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